Britta Bogers

(born 1964) Britta Bogers studied at the Kunstakademie in Münster, Germany and since, has been featured in many group and solo exhibitions. Recent solo and two-person projects include Boardwalk (with Heiner Blumenthal) at Neue Galerie Landshut, Germany; Scrap at the Villa Strünkede, Emschertal-Museum, Herne, Germay; Unity at Circus Eins-Susanne Burmester Galerie, Putbus, Rügen, Germany; Boards and Papers at RAUMX project space, London; Visual Orders – Advisors Rules, Victory Gallery, Portland, Oregon.

Her numerous group exhibitions include recent projects in Germany at Galerie M29 Richter Brückner, Petersburger-Raum für Kunst, Kunstverein Koelnberg and Galerie der Spiegel in Cologne; Galerie oqbo and Galerie im Körnerpark in Berlin; Sammlung Schroth im Wilhelm-Morgner Museum in Soest; Susanne Burmester Galerie, Putbus in Rügen; Kunstverein Lüneburg; Claudia Weil Galerie in Friedberg; and the Museum Kurhaus Kleve. In the US, her work has been seen in exhibitions at Devening Projects in Chicago and Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Gallery in New York.

Britta Bogers lives and works in Cologne.

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