Steven Husby

Well known for his highly controlled geometric paintings, and most recently for his Tumblr blogs a little less democracy, so much tenderness, and painting after painting, (among others), and DIY design work with his zine margin creep, Steven Husby will be selecting an abbreviated cross section of recent and older work, including xerox, RISO prints, and works on canvas, as well as employing other strategies, for his upcoming exhibition with devening projects + editions — myotherisanother – named for the web address of his blog another reason (itself named after a song by the post punk band five or six). Conceived in part as a mini-retrospective, and in part as a ‘screen test’ of the more recent work against the backdrop of the more familiar work (and vice versa) -– Husby’s upcoming exhibition is intended to serve in part as proof of concept for the emergent imprint margin creep, and in part as a kind of proof of the earlier paintings themselves — pitting the relative precision and control of the works on canvas against the relative instability that is introduced into the space when the graphic vocabulary employed within paintings and prints is applied outside of the frame of the object.

(b. 1977) Steven Husby lives and works in Chicago. Working across multiple mediums and platforms, his work investigates the relationship between the universal and the particular by collapsing the distance between the axiomatic and the idiomatic, employing a simple graphic vocabulary in order to find the place where inner and outer structures converge. Recent Solo exhibitions include BRUTE FORCE at 65GRAND in 2013, RUBICON at Julius Caesar, 2011; we speak the way we breathe at Peregrine Program, 2010; and UBS 12×12, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL, 2007. Collaborative projects include In Medias Res with Aya Nakamura at Biblio Projects, and Tears for Fears with Sarah Anne Lobb, both 2014. Recent group exhibitions include Fragments of an Unknowable Whole at Urban Art Space in Columbus Ohio, 2014; Afterimage at the DePaul Art Museum, Chicago, 2012; Bad Moon at Andrew Rafacz Gallery, 2008; and a summer group show with Philip Vanderhyden and Greg Perkins at The Suburban, 2004. His work has been written about on,, Art:21 Blog, the Chicago Tribune, Newcity, and most recently by Kate Sierzputowski on Inside/Within, and by Robert Burnier on the Bad at Sports blog.

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