Seth Hunter

07.20 — 07.20.14

devening projects + editions is excited to end our 2013/2014 season with held/crushed, Seth Hunter’s final project in his year long Ecotone project and gallery residency.

Please join us this afternoon-only event, exhibition and reception for Seth and some featured-artist colleagues on Sunday, July 20th from 2 – 5pm.

We’ve been very happy to work with Seth Hunter on Ecotone, a recent program at devening projects + editions presenting artist interventions triggered by the interstitial spaces between our main gallery and the off space. The seventh and last in a year-long series of projects, Chicago artist Seth Hunter will present held/crushed at the July 20th opening. As an artist-in-residence in the gallery between July 2013 and July 2014, Hunter has worked with, in and around the space to reveal links between his own conceptual interests and the physical space. held/crushed is comprised of three works and an edition focused on the relationships between people. Hunter is interested in the way that we relate to each other and communicate our rational, emotional, and spiritual ideas. Coinciding with each main-gallery exhibition during the fall and spring seasons, he will produce and present seven different editions. All seven editions will be on display.

To mark the end of the Ecotone residency, Hunter has curated a group show in the main gallery space consisting of work by artists he has profound respect for. quality is comprised of three works and an edition produced by four colleagues: Bradley Carter, Gaylen Gerber, Leif Sandberg and Kyle Schlie.

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