New Work
10.16 — 12.03.11

In the off space we’re very pleased to have a new site-specific installation of paintings by Cologne artist Andreas Karl Schulze. For over two decades, Schulze has been producing subtle interventionist works that take on the parameters set by each exhibition space and filters that through a grid standard established from the modular colored cotton squares used as his painting “unit.” These 2” square painted canvases are the basis from which Andreas Karl Schulze continues to refresh a long-standing conversation about formalist absolutes, objectness and context. Schulze’s exhibitions place his audience inside a quiet but effective theatrical experience; in Schulze’s hands the stage is as present and activated as the actors.

(b. 1955) Andreas Karl Schulze has been exhibiting widely since finishing his studies at the Art Academy in Münster, Germany. He has produced solo installations in Germany at Gallery Horst Schuler in Düsseldorf, the Kunsthistorisches Institute in Bonn, the Kunstverein Heilbronn, the Japanese Culture Institute, the Neues Kunstforum in Cologne and the Field Institute at Museumsinsel Hombroich. He has also shown at Concept Space and the Goethe Institute in Japan; Gallery Katharina Krohn in Basel; Sleeper in Edinburgh; CCNOA in Brussels; and Cairn Gallery, Pittenweem in the UK. He has also participated in group exhibitions in Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Reykjavik, Oslo and many more. In 1993, Schulze was invited by Donald Judd to work in residence at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, TX. The resulting installation remained there for two years. Andreas Karl Schulze lives and works in Cologne.

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