09.08 — 10.12.13

Alain Biltereyst is a Brussels-based painter; he makes work on plywood supports that refer to Geometric Abstraction and hard-edge paintings of the sixties. If these movements were about pure formalism, Biltereyst’s abstractions more often come out of quotidian urban and suburban culture. Fascinated by the vivid functionality of commercial signage — typography, logos, public advertising, commercial graphics and billboards — and the struggles of that advertising for our attention, his paintings are liberated from narrative constraint to form a purely visual and material experience. The physicality of his wood panels, the deliberate errors in the construction of form and the inaccuracies revealed throughout the process speaks to a cultural history embedded in both high art and everyday experience

Some of Alain Biltereyst’s most recent exhibitions include Ice Water Flyswatter, curated by Douglas Witmer at Tiger Strikes Asteroid in Philadelphia; Secret Kitchen Gallery in Temse, Belgium (solo show); That Being Said at Jack Hanley Gallery and the Frieze Art Fair in New York; Art Cologne; Precise Operations, curated by Alexandra Kennedy and Factor 44 and SECONDroom in Antwerp; Pages, Pages at devening projects + editions and Neue Stille, curated by Manuela Kleckx at Vous Etes Ici Gallery in Amsterdam.

New American Paintings review for Notes by Stephanie Cristello:

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