Structurals and Sightlines
11.01 — 12.12.15

devening projects + editions is very pleased to present Amy Yoes, Structurals and Sightlines. The exhibition opens on Sunday, November 1st from 4 – 7 and continues until December 12th.

The Structurals is a collection of black-and-white mixed media collages. Synthesizing unhinged fragments, print marginalia, and assorted residua from stamping processes, they continue Amy Yoes’ longtime exploration of style as subject. The works stretch across uninterrupted sequences that refer to cinematic possibilities. A stop-motion animation video, Sightlines, featuring wood-and-cardboard sculptures and visual echoes from the collages, pushes the Structurals universe into the realm of sound and motion.

Amy Yoes was born in 1959 and grew up in Houston, Texas. She has lived in Chicago, San Francisco and, since 1998, in New York. She works in a multi-faceted way, alternately employing installation, photography, video, painting, and sculpture. An interest in decorative language and architectural space permeates all of her work. She responds to formal topologies of ornament and style that have reverberated through time, informing our mutually constructed visual and cultural memory.

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