Gerd Borkelmann

(born 1958) Gerd Borkelmann has been showing his drawings and paintings since the early eighties in Europe and the United States. He has had solo shows in Cologne at Galerie Dorit Jacobs, at the Galerie im Trudelhaus, in Baden, Switzerland, at the Kunstverein Peschkenhaus in Moers, the Museum B.C. Koekkoek in Kleve and recently a solo show at the Kunstverein Haus im Park in Emmerich, Germany. In his 2009 and 2014 shows at devening projects + editions, he presented a selection of works on paper from an ongoing group that started in 2005; in total, there are more than 200 works in this series. At first glance, these works—each measuring only 30 x 20 cm—might seem like finger exercises or casual notes. However, in fact, each is highly complex; tracing and understanding the relationships and interactions between these works poses a great challenge. As a painter Gerd Borkelmann possesses an enormous sensitivity for the finest nuances of colour and an unmistakable awareness of materials and surfaces. His work is characterised by an impressive concentration of formal means and an uncompromising pursuit of simplicity and clarity. His work can be found in collections of the Deutsche Bank, the Leopold Hoesch Museum in Düren and the Museum Kurhaus in Kleve. Gerd Borkelmann lives and works in Kleve, Germany.

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