Shit is Real

Featured in the off space, Shit is Real showcases the gallery’s commitment to the publication of cutting edge editions and multiples by artists working in all facets of every medium. Focusing on new multiples made specifically for the exhibition by Chicago artists Aron Gent, Carrie Gundersdorf, Cody Hudson, Sofia Leiby, Josh Reames and Cody Tumblin, Shit is Real suggests that editioned work has a rich and varied position in contemporary art. For the exhibition, Aron Gent makes lyrical wall pieces from strips cut from discarded photographic proofs produced at document, his digital press. Carrie Gundersdorf chose to edition two works from her vast collection of source images used in the production of her paintings and drawings. Cody Hudson is featured with a set of six letterpress prints produced at the Colby Poster Prints in Los Angeles. Sofia Leiby offers a group of silk-screened monoprints riffing off a painting from her studio. Josh Reames once again expresses his interest in exotic tourist culture by producing a beach towel printed with the phrase “Eternal Vacation.” Finally, emerging artist and SAIC student Cody Tumblin shows a beautiful hand-dyed and hand-cut suite of fabric pieces reminiscent of Henri Matisse’s late cut-paper works. Each edition in the group is numbered at 10 with 7 artist proofs. The exhibition will also include one recent studio piece from each artist.

February 3 – March 13, 2013

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